Build Costs for a WordPress Site

Here is guide to the costs for build a typical WordPress site. Every site is different, so I will draw up a specific proposal for your site after discussing your requirements. Here is a rough outline of the sorts of things people typically want and the approximate costs.

Activity Cost
£300 £600 £1,200 £2,400
WordPress installation
WordPress theme installation
Basic Theme Customisation
Advanced Theme Customisation
Customisations for mobile devices
Specialised layout
Number of pages set up 5 20 25 30+
Basic Blog
Blog customisation
Basic contact form
Advanced contact form
Facebook/Twitter integration, ‘Like’ buttons
Basic image galleries
Customised image galleries
Advanced plugin installation
2 Advanced customisations
5+ Advanced customisations
Integration with Google Analytics
Site map submission to Webmaster Tools
Free initial consultation to discuss requirements
Basic WordPress advice and guidance
Detailed WordPress training and guidance
Implementing a graphic designer’s design Please conatct me for a quote

Some of the popular advanced customisations include:

  • Fading slideshows
  • Image panels (with integrated hover effects)
  • Carousels
  • Changes to the theme (colours, fonts, layout)
  • Headers, navigation, sidebar, footer customisations
  • Logos, header graphic
  • Integration with Facebook/Twitter and ‘Like’ buttons
  • Registration forms
  • Blog customisations
  • Links customisations
  • Event calenders
  • Forums
  • Webpage designed by a graphic designer and made to your exact specifications

Other Costs

  • Hosting – Starting in the region of £10-£30 per month depending on requirements.
  • Maintenance – Updates should be applied periodically to the WordPress framework.
  • Support – Once the content is there and people are using the site you can better understand how the website should work, so it’s a good idea to build in some budget for this.
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