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Static Typing vs Unit Testing

Prior to making the switch from a job as a C++ programmer to a job as a Ruby programmer, I spent some time considering the ideas around static typing and unit testing. I was reminded of this again recently when … Continue reading

Syntax & Semantics: JavaScript, Ruby & CoffeeScript

Seems like everyone is talking about how the web is moving to single page sites and much of the processing is moving to the client side. Frameworks like Ember.js and Backbone.js are what all the cool kids are talking about. … Continue reading

One way to do it? (Ruby vs Python)

Following on from my blog post about some of the differences I thought were important between Ruby and Python (senktec.com/2013/06/ruby-vs-python/), one of the things often cited as a difference between the two programming languages is that Python strives for one … Continue reading

Spree Admin Bar

We’ve been using the Spree open source e-commerce framework on a website, and found that the owners would often be browsing the shop front-end and spot something that required a quick content change. However, it was not that straightforward to navigate to … Continue reading

Spree Commerce Blog Plugin

A online shop recently wanted me to build a blogging solution for their Spree website. Spree in an open source e-commerce framework written in Ruby-on-Rails. We didn’t need advanced functionality for the blog, just some posts with HTML content and … Continue reading

Ruby vs Python

Ruby and Python are similar programming languages in that they use much of the same syntax, runtime speed, they both come with large standard libraries to do most common tasks, and are generally suited to solving similar kinds of problems. However, people often strongly … Continue reading

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