Portfolio: European Malacological Congress


Build a website to promote, and take registrations for the ‘European Malacological Congress 2014’ conference (~10 pages).


The site was built using WordPress. As there were few design requirements, it was decided to use the PageLines theme with minimal customisations to keep costs down. The homepage was created using PageLines’ “Boxes” and “Quickslider” populated with adaptations of their graphic designer’s banner. The “AddThis” social bookmarking plugin is installed, to assist sharing information about the conference.

Registration form was built on the “Contact From 7” plugin. Total to pay is dynamically calculated as the form input fields are updated via JavaScript. On submitting the registration form, the user is taken to PayPal’s site with the total to pay and details pre-populated. After the user completes the payment, PayPal’s IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is used to validate that the payment has been completed and mark the registration as having been paid.

European Malacological Congress 2014 — Screenshot.
European Malacological Congress 2014 — Screenshot.
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